steinergurdjieff.net exists to express the consonance, relationship, and complimentarity that may be found by examining certain central themes in the teachings of the two contemporary spiritual teachers from the first half of the twentieth century.

I have concerned myself with both of these men getting on forty years now.  Gurdjieff’s arresting world view became a foundation for my inner life and search, and still colors my world, although my understanding and appreciation of him continues to change and evolve.  Not the least of which influences in “cooking” my insight into Gurdjieff has been the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner.  If I am an “ist” of any stripe, it would be an anthroposophist, although not quite your “der Doktor hat gesagt” variety.  (Although more than happy to quote him.)

I’m quite sure there are more than a few others (some I know) who have likewise found themselves not unpleasantly whipsawed between the ideas of these titans; and I am sure there are many more familar with only the one camp who might appreciate the illumination shed from the other.

This is the latest incarnation of this site, which has existed off and on for a number of years.  My attempt to make it a forum for discussion have been plagued by easily hacked forum software, as well as the rise and fall of interest on my part.  This latest incarnation is in blog format; hoping at the same time that I can enable comments and get some filtering assistance from the WordPress toolset in managing the spammers.

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