wonder, reverence, feeling in harmony, surrender

These words (abbreviated) I have selected for the byline for the site.  I borrow them from Lecture V of Steiner’s The World of the Senses and the World of the Spirit (one of his more important lecture cycles in my view), where he describes how through developing these four qualities “in the very highest degree” can the original relationship between the ego and astral body be restored.

He has just been explaining how, through the “expulsion from paradise” or Luciferic influence, there has been a preponderant influence of the “I” on the astral body and likewise, of the physical body over the etheric; and mutually and antagonistically, of the etheric and astral bodies.

Although I have read this several times, it has never been particularly clear to me; until recently, I was struck by a resonance with Gurdjieff’s idea of the “centers” using (or “stealing”) the energy of the other centers.  Suggests to me the idea that this “preponderance” could be correlated to the Gurdjieff’s idea of the tendency for “centers” to mis-use energy intended for another center.

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